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Atlatl Antics, Continued...

Hello and Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry it's been so long - its been a very busy and exciting start to 2008. The calendar is filling up quick, with Archaeology Month looming, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you out at our events between Nassau and Volusia counties!
We just got back to the office today, after doing another successful run of the Atlatl Antics activity - this time with Ms. Anderson's 2nd grade class at the Children's Reading Center Charter School in Palatka. The kids loved the activity, and it was easy for them to see the advantage of using the atlatl compared to throwing the spear by hand. The best 'by hand' throws of usually landed around 10 meters. With the atlatls they were landing around 20 meters (double the original!) - and one student even managed 33 meters! Ms. Anderson herself placed a close second with 28 meters. They all learned a lot about atlatls and archaeology in general, and were all excited to participate in this prehistoric technology lesson. Thank you so much Ms. Anderson and your wonderful class!

shock and awe

Did I mention the school vaguely resembles a lunar colony?

If you need some FPAN in your life this weekend (and who doesn't?) come see us at the Yesterdays Festival at Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park in Clay County! That's the Dirt for today.

Matt Armstrong

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