Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 18, 2009 the amendment of Sec. 15-3.3 of the Clay County Code went into effect.

The Operation of metal detectors and the retrieval of artifacts found on county parks and properties is now prohibited.

FPAN is delighted with the news. "We are in full support of the ordinance," said Amber Grafft-Weiss, FPAN Outreach Coordinator.

What does this mean to you?

For all metal detecting enthusiasts out there, it is now unlawful for you to wield these devices in county-owned cemeteries, burial sites, and other proprieties listed on the Florida Master Site File.

This ordinance also means that digging of any kind with any instrument to retrieve objects or artifacts embedded or lying on the ground at these sites is unlawful.

To check out the ordinance yourself click here and look under Clay County.

Or to see Amber speak at the public hearing regarding the ordinance click here and then, click play on #17.


3 Responses so far.

  1. C.F. Kane says:

    Do public Parks include beachfront?

  2. Why no to Underground Detecting Device ? They've done something good like finding golds or even mines!

  3. Jojo P says:

    These laws are truly absurd. The acheologists believe they are the only ones that should be allowed to search for artifacts and are pushing for these laws for their own selfish agenda. They are only shooting themselves in the foot. I can't tell you how many artifacts myself and my friends have uncovered and given to local museums. I agree looting should be punished severely and property should never be defaced or damaged and certain places such as cemeteries SHOULD be banned, but parks? Really?? C'mon. How many archeologists are going to search for artifacts in a park? Why not pass laws that encourage detectorists to work with you. Pass a law similar to what they do in England. Any historical artifact that is found must be given to the government. Should it be historically significant, the finder gets a finders fee. If it's not significant, return it to the finder. Everyone comes out ahead. Instead, your misguided laws may forever keep historic items buried in the ground only to be sealed under cement parking lots never to be discovered and displayed at a museum. Smart thinking on your part, huh? How many historic sites have been discovered by detectorists that an archeologist would never have found?? Pass smart laws, not laws that will hinder history. Issue permits. Teach responsibility. Work with your local detectorist clubs and ask for their opinion. You will be much more successful in uncovering history. Many of these folks are sleuths when it comes to researching history. Use them to your advantage. Invite some to digs to help you uncover history.

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