Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This week's installment of "What is it?" Wednesday is a true mystery. 

During a visit to the Amelia Island Museum of History, museum staff asked me to help identify this whole artifact.  The pot is heavy!  It is clearly cast iron with intricate designs.  There are geometric patterns around the rim and ivy like leaves in raise relief on the body.  The handle across the top is molded in the form of a branch or twig.  While to me it looks like a pot for cooking or warming, there was no sign of singe or being burned.

Mystery pot with ruler for scale.



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  1. Comment from Facebook (FPANnortheast):

    The handle looks like the Finnish Sarpaneva cook pots that came out in 1959....apparently Sarpaneva's inspiration was his grandfather who was a blacksmith, and the pot he designed is suppose to be loosely based on a traditional Finnish (or so the story goes) you might want to look for correlatives in Finland, or even Norway (there was a lot of Norwegian ships going through here in the 1870s-1910s). The cast decoration reminds me of Norwegian decor as well, but I'm no expert in cast iron goods. In theory the handle would be removable and then stuck in a hole in the lid, and used to lift it off. Is there any evidence that this pot once had a lid?

    -Adam C.

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