Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This owl totem is one of a kind and comes from a site near and dear to us in northeast Florida.  You may think this is easy peasy for WIIW, but we're adding a layer of difficultly. 

First to tell us the following wins an FPAN t-shirt:

A) What it is
B) What site it is from

Hint- owl in photo is a replica at original site, original owl is not even in the same county.  Answer and winner will be posted Friday.  Contest winners can post comment to blog, Facebook, or Twitter. 



6 Responses so far.

  1. It is a C14th Timucuan horned owl pine totem pole.

    It was found in the St. Johns River near DeLand in 1955.

    At present it is exhibited at the Fort Caroline National Monument.

  2. “Throughout the Southeast, birds including owls and woodpeckers are often associated with omens and divination for these very reasons, and are commonly represented omens of unfortunate events, including death writes Tamara Spike on page 69 of her dissertation titled, To Make Graver this Sin: Conceptions of Purity and Pollution of Spanish Florida.

  3. We have a winner! Can you name the island? It's where the replica is installed in the picture (also a state park).

  4. The replica is on show in Hontoon Island State Park!

    Do I get two shirts? (Only joking!)

    Apart from being a historical archaeologist, one of the reasons I'm curious about Florida is that my father, then in the RAF, learned to fly there in 1941.

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