Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recenlty we volunteered for a day on a project in southern St. Johns County.  Based on the generic sand-tempered ceramics found at Princess Place in field seasons past, we didn't expect to find much exciting in the way of prehistoric sherds (fragments of pottery).  Turns out I was wrong!  A greater variety of types were encountered, showing off the long period and diversity of early St. Johns and Flagler County residents (prehistoric and historic.) 


Exhibit A

Exhibit B (above and temper hint below)

Exhibit C- Large sherd, big checks.

Exhibit D- Tiny sherd, little lines.

Care to guess? Looking for decoration or paste type, ceramic typology name if you know it.  Best guess gets you a Florida Archaeology Month poster and a bike blinker to boot!

For more on prehistoric pottery, read Keith Ashley's article on refining ceramic typologies in northeast Florida (click here for Florida Anthropologist article), or read generally from the National Park Service's on-line information on the Woodland and Mississippian/Late Prehistoric periods in the Southeastern United States.

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