Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This week's artifact was captured off our Archaeology Off the Beaten Path map.  We distribute the map at regional events, at the Northeast Regional FPAN Center, and at various Visitor Information Centers.  Not many people choose to download the map, but it is available for free on our website at the following link:

This artifact is curated with Florida's Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida.  It is about the size of a quarter and made out of glass.  The story behind this artifact is one any tween can appreciate--or any specialist in Spanish Colonial material culture. 

Bonus points if you can tell me what site in St. Augustine it came from!  I actually need to go look this up in Artifacts of the Spanish Colonies of Florida and the Caribbean, 15000-1800 myself.  Have two good guesses, but I'll check to be sure...

Click on map to download PDF.

Explored a site from the map? Send us pictures!!!

Last Week's Answer

No one guessed, though one of the participants chimed in (Adam).  This was Flagler College's "Ruins in the Dunes" assignment from Eric Giles' Archaeology class.  Students had to reconstruct monumental architecture in the sand, give a presentation, and be ready and open for public visitors.  The photo in question with Legos to boot is Florida's Big Mound Key, complete with mounds, burials, alligator, and outline of the island.

Sun and Moon Maya Temples.

Easter Island Moai.

Legos represent in situ burials at Big Mound Key.

Big Mound Key!

Alligator in the moat.

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