Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Southeastern Archaeology Conference held its annual meeting earlier this month.  The meeting moves from place to place each year, but this year it found its way to Jacksonville!  Seizing the opportunity to share our fascinating work with the public, FPAN West Central 's Rae Harper got approval to hold a SEAC Archaeology Public Day.  Partnering with the Museum of Science and History, we enlisted the help of other SEAC members to put on quite an event!

We were so excited to have participating archaeologists from other states.

Two organizations represented North Carolina. 

The Research Laboratories of Archaeology at UNC-Chapel Hill brought a terrific pottery decorating & mending activity.

The Exploring Joara Foundation came through too, with a fun archaeobotany activity--sift through soil to find seeds, then research what plant the seeds come from and their uses.

Georgia brought a legend of Public Archaeology: The Archaeobus.  The Archaeobus is a movable festival--it carries several hands-on activities that can be set up on tables, but for a real treat step inside to see a variety of interactive displays that teach about excavation and fields within archaeology.

Since it was our home turf, it was only fitting that FPAN make a showing too:

Southwest helped kids map anchors, and displayed
an impressive array of shell tool replicas.
North Central brought an Observation & Inference activity,
as well as more replicas--including a firestarter!

West Central brought a terrific underwater archaeology
activity and our favorite--Archaeo Cart (more on that later).
Northwest brought a Munsell soil color activity and the
ever popular Build A Boat!
Northeast shared tables with the St. Augustine Archaeological
Association to provide local flavor, including a coquina display
and making pet rocks!

In addition to table activities and displays, we had three special events:

FPAN West Central's Roz Crews gave parents and kids a
hands-on introduction to the ArchaeoCart.

Our own Sarah Miller gave her talk, "Archaeology Along the St. Johns River."

Dr. Robert Austin offered a workshop on prehistoric stone tools.

Honorable mention goes to the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa, from the University of Memphis.  Though at the last minute they were unable to join us, their participation inspired Dr. Austin's fantastic workshop.  We appreciate their spirit of willingness--if I'm ever in the neighborhood, I fully intend to drop by!

A special thanks to everyone who helped make it such a great event! 

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