Thursday, December 22, 2011

If Tchaikovsky had taken on an eighteenth-century Florida ballet, he could have called in the March of the Menorcans.  This thought came to me at the St. Augustine Visitor Information Center (VIC) where arguably the best tree in St. Augustine is on display.

The tree features the names of the original Menorcan families who marched from Turnbull's settlement in New Smyrnea up to St. Augustine in 1777, along with photos of their descendents.  Check it out before it comes down after the holidays.  Regardless of faith or creed, I think anyone interested in history can appreciate this version of a family tree.

Tree as it stands at the VIC.

Note names on ribbons, like Fornes and Ximenez, Menorcan surnames.

Ponce and Manucy family ribbons with labeled historic photographs.

To learn more visit the Menorcan Cultural Society webpage or check out our lesson plans from Coquina Queries:

Click here for free download of Menorcan lesson.

Photos and Text: Sarah Miller, FPAN staff

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