Monday, February 27, 2012

What:     Advocacy Beyond Indiana Jones Workshop: responses to local community archaeological issues

When:   Wednesday, March 7 10 am to 12 pm

Where:   Alcazar Room, City Hall (74 King Street, St. Augustine, 32086)

Who:      Presenters include staff from the Florida Public Archaeology Network, St. Augustine Lighthouse and LAMP, St. Augustine City Archaeology Program, St. Johns County Environmental Division, St. Augustine Archaeology Association, in close partnership with members of Florida Anthropological Society, Florida Archaeological Council, and Society for Historical Archaeology.

Why:      In response to recent events impacting local heritage sites, we invite the public to join us as we discuss archaeology beyond artifacts, legal issues to consider when people dig, ethical considerations of residents and professionals, and the emotional attachments that exist between a community and the place they live.  We will brainstorm short-term and long-term solutions to current events, evaluating the affordances and constraints of various actions.  

The goal of the offering is to provide resources for residents considering taking on a more active role in archaeological current events and inform an advocate's decision making processes.

Advocacy Beyond Indiana Jones: Local Responses to Community Archaeological Issues
Wednesday, March 7th 10 am to noon
Alcazar Room, St. Augustine City Hall
75 King Street
St. Augustine, FL 32085

Preliminary Agenda Topics:
Why archaeology matters
Archaeology and Preservation Laws
Ethics of Archaeology
Group activities to promote discussion
Resources for Advocacy
In the meantime, links and ways to weigh in (will update as responses are posted):

SHA Blog on Archaeology Ethics by Paul Mullins with letter to Viacom attached

Article on National Geographic show called “Diggers” airing on Feb 28

“American Diggers” hosted by former wrestler Ric Savage, which airs beginning next month

Our Sunday paper (American Diggers ALREADY filmed in St. Augustine)


Sign petition to Spike and Viacom

Sign petition to NatGeo Channel

blog post with Kathy’s response, legal issues outlined, and ACUA press kit

Peeps to tweet: @NatGeoChannel, @Spike_TV, @SHA_org, @SAAorg, @archaeology_aia with #NoDiggers

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Text: Sarah Miller, FPAN staff

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