Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Amber and Sarah welcome you to tour site signs from around the region.

One area that local governments and privately-owned sites frequently have questions about is signage; how to let people know they are at an archaeological site and how they can use signage to protect the resource.  I put together a gallery of all my signs on Facebook but wanted to put more out there in the interwebs in case these examples can help others.  Have an example to share?  Email it to us and we'll add it in!


Fort Matanzas National Park off A1A.

Archaeological sign for wharf.  Close up at bottom of post.

Nice way of letting visitors know oldest section of cemetery, Bosque Bello, Fernandina Beach.

Believe this is Fort Clinch state park, but an often-repeated stewardship message.

Nice way to take a picture of a site when there are no visible above ground remains.

I love the incorporation of the original platted map on this sign, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island.

Preservation message at Sheeler Lake, Gold Head Branch State Park, Clay County.

Difficult to get to, signage posted at Addison Blockhouse.

I believe this is at the Bulow Sugar Plantation ruins, Bulow State Park.
Sorry Bulow State Park, sign at sugar mill an easy target for interpretive improvement.

Nice sign to explain space and time at Ft. Clinch, Amelia Island.

Entrance for Butts Archaeological Park in Daytona, Volusia County.

Posting of State laws protecting state property.

FPAN-cakes!  Deleon Springs State Park.

Nice sign built into the brick, Palatka.

Some signs come four-legged!

St. Peter's in Fernandina Beach showing off their sense of humor.

Fountain of Youth during a dig by Dr. Deagan and crew.

Most uninviting-looking museum ever...but do go!  Military Museum in Clay County.

Some signs move :)

Sign in St. Johns County paid for by landowner.
Los Remedios markers placed in the sidewalk on Aviles Street.

Site of a vandalized cemetery, may help in deterring crime.

This sign was direct result of Clay County passing archaeological ordinance.  Well done!

Sign posted at entrance of Evergreen Cemetery in St. Augustine.

Sanksville Cemetery in St. Johns County.  There is also historic marker at this site.

"God's Little Acre" Cemetery in rural St. Johns County.  Love the contact info!

Signage at Sampson Cemetery, St. Johns County.  Workdays posted, nice!

Signage to historic cemetery in contemporary housing.

Cemetery signage in the middle of golf course and residential neighborhood.

Amber is a stickler for public-reliable knowledge! Camp Milton, Jacksonville.

Center sign, lets Flagler know what we're up to!

Cemetery signage with contact info and work days posted. 

This area is now open, but temporary signage of what's to come at Alpine Grove.

Outreach on the beach?  Can be done!

Adaptation for signage on the beach for outreach project.  Binder on posts.

Metal Detector sign posted at Magnolia Springs Cemetery, Green Cove Spring.
Old Fort Park (not a fort) in New Smyrna Beach.

Another from Old Fort Park (not a fort) in New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County.

Mala Compra in Flagler County.

Urca de Lima Underwater Archaeological Preserve marker.

This is actually West Virginia, but homage to signs lost to time.


This sign seemed an artifact in its own right.  Think this is Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve, northeast Jacksonville.

Different kind of sign, proclamation by SJCO for Archaeology Month.

Another West View Cemetery sign, this time a plaque in Palatka.

Monument with offerings at American Beach.

Monument to American Beach community.

American Beach northeast of Jacksonville.  Amazing place.

Another gold standard, Historic Pensacola Village.

Sign for off the path cemetery, Cumberland Island.
Sign for reconstruction of Fort Clinch by CCC, Amelia Island.

Gold standard, any sign out at Mission San Luis in Tallahassee.

Interns Matt Armstrong and Laurie Frey at Turtle Mound, Canaveral Natl. Seashore.

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Nice way to ask to respect structure and structures as artifacts.  Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.

Interesting way to explain mock dig boxes.  Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.

Pet Cemetery at Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.

Yes, more of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Pet Cemetery.

Say what you will, probably most read sign at Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.

Close up of Wharf sign in the water.

Text and Images: Sarah Miller, FPAN staff

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