Friday, August 17, 2012

Did you know that FPAN Northeast now has a Storify account?  Let me give you the skinny.

Almost since we opened an account on twitter, we've used a second account to live tweet the interesting things we learn during archaeologists' talks at various events.  Once in a while, someone says, "I wish I could have come to that talk, but..." Sometimes life gets in the way.  When that happens, we direct them to that second account--@FPANLive--so they can read the tweets for themselves.  On more than one occasion, I personally went through and took screenshots of every talk, put them in a Word document, and sent them to the interested party.

That's a little cumbersome for everybody involved.  So when someone directed us to Storify, we found it offered the perfect solution!  After a talk, I can easily archive all of the associated tweets in one story.  Better yet, it's available to anyone at any time.

Our profile on Storify

Why am I telling you this now, in the middle of summer, when all of the groups that invite archaeologists to speak are on vacation?  Well, sometimes I figure you just miss learning fascinating stuff about Florida's past.  If that's the case, you can head over to our Storify account right now and read up on 11 archaeology lectures & topics that we've posted since March!  This includes lectures, workshops, and twitter topics, including:

"Culturally La Florida" Keynote Speech by the legendary Dr. Michael Gannon

Our recent Timucuan Technology Workshop on Wild Plants:


Chuck Meide's fascinating update on the Storm Shipwreck excavation

(just prior to this field season)

Take a look at our Storify page and see what strikes your fancy.  And don't forget to check there if you miss any talks or workshops in the future!

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