Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In our Cemetery Resource Protection Training (CRPT) class we often tell participants that a visited cemetery is a safer cemetery.  Vandals target cemeteries when they think no one is looking, so one of the easiest ways to protect them is just by being there.  Inspired by this guiding principle, we’ve decided to let our passion for historic cemeteries run wild this month and encourage visitation to these significant archaeological sites.  Are cemeteries really archaeological sites?  Absolutely!  Archaeologists study people of the past and a wide range of places they used or inhabited.  Are all cemeteries historic?  In Florida a cemetery is considered historical if it’s 75 years or older.

So join us through the journey of “Cemetery a Day in May” for a variety of old and new favorite places for you to visit in northeast Florida!

Text: Sarah Miller, FPAN staff.  Image: Jody Marcil featured in Written in Stone: Historic Cemeteries of St. Johns County poster.

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