Wednesday, June 12, 2013


What are we Wednesday?

Today's, What is it Wednesday?, is a two-sherd (part) question. However, if you only identify one artifact correctly we'll still send you out a freebie! Which means if there's two artifacts to identify, then there's two winners or one winner and two prizes. Be nice though and spread the wealth!

Here's the first one: 


Let me give you a hint. The burgundy color helps archaeologists date this sherd.

Here's the next sherd:


Yes, this one is also a sherd, but this pottery wasn't used for dinner dishes!
Both of these artifacts were excavated this week by the City of St. Augustine archaeologist Carl Halbirt. They were in the same stratum/soil layer.
Happy Hunting!
Text & Photos: Jen Knutson and FPAN Outreach Staff

5 Responses so far.

  1. The first one is either creamware or pearlware and the second one is bacin.

  2. Brandy, you are so close! Please pick an answer on the first one. Can you tell me what the second one was used for? It is indeed bacin, but what kind?

  3. Creamware, hand painted. Blue-green bacin. It's something utilitarian like a chamber pot or some other storage.

  4. Creamware, hand painted. Blue-green bacin. It's some kind of utilitarian storage vessel, maybe a chamber pot.

  5. Absolutely correct on all counts! It was once indeed part of a chamber pot. Nice job!

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