Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This past week (June 3-4) FPAN West-Central and FPAN Northeast co-hosted the first-ever CRPT conference in the Thomas Center at the University of Florida, Gainesville. The 2-day program was broken into field and presentation components, respectively. Despite being the inaugural--and experimental--CRPT conference, the sessions ran smoothly, and the meetings were a huge success.

Day 1
The morning session of the first day took place at Evergreen Cemetery, and included numerous demonstrations:

Kevin Gidusko, FPAN-EC staff demonstrates how GPR works

Sarah talks about maintaining historic ironworks
Sarah instructs the group while Ryan and Emily Jane (FPAN-NE) reset a headstone
Ryan (FPAN-NE) and Becky (FPAN-WC) show how to clean headstones

..And was followed in the afternoon with some noted cemetery speakers:

Day 2 
Sarah had groups practice some cemetery conflict management

Mary Homick, photographer, speaks about the aesthetic value of cemeteries

As a city planner, Adrienne Burke talks about managing municipal cemeteries and developing long-term plans

At dinner, Sharyn Thompson talks about her many year's work in FL Historic Cemeteries 

Of course, this isn't everything, but a just a snippet of what went on at the conference. We hope to see you next year! Later on this year, pay attention to the FPAN website, especially the Northeast and West-Central calendars for details about next year's event!

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