Friday, August 15, 2014

To kick-off our first official consolidated year, and in keeping with our World Cup Fever (I'm only about a month late on both of these...), I thought I'd give everyone the stats on our NEC (Northeast/East Central) regional players! Go team FPAN!

Sarah "Scary Killer" Miller
Position: Capt'n, My Capt'n; she's steering this new, bigger and better outreach boat!
Hometown: Rapid City, SD
Favorite archaeological tool: Scorpio (my 5 in Marshalltown margin trowel)
Favorite Florida site:  ....... Wherever Carl is digging this week! 
3 things she can ramble about: coqiuna, cemeteries, majolica manicures

Ryan "SHELLS!!!" Harke
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Position: NE Tzar; Talk to him about all of you Northeast outreach needs!
Favorite archaeological tool: Dremels for drillin'
Favorite Florida site: Anything on St. Joseph Bay....and also Roger Dean Stadium
3 things he can ramble about: late prehistoric hunter/gatherers, lightening whelks (...of course!), anything having to do with organized sports

Kevin "the Bearded Man, aka Summertime Baby Face" Gidusko
Position: EC Overlord; He's the guy for some archaeological-learnings in the East Central
Hometown: Oocee, FL
Favorite archaeological tool: G-G-GPR Unit
Favorite Florida site: Turtle Mound
3 things he can ramble about: geophysical applications in archaeology, Florida archaeology, whiskey

Emily Jane "The Machine" Murray
Position: The Rambler; Catch her all over the super-region at all sorts of events.
Hometown: Callahan, FL
Favorite archaeological tool: a really good brush
Favorite Florida site: The Guana Peninsula...which is actually cheating because it's lots of really cool sites spanning 6000 years...all held together with shell midden...
3 things I can ramble about: weird things that happened in Florida's past, gender theory, Star Trek (TOS, baby!)

Robbie "Make-it-work" Boggs
Position: Behind-the-Scenes-Queen; Have a problem? Need supplies? She's your gal!
Hometown: Kansas City
Favorite archaeological tool: little brushes
Favorite Florida site: Hontoon Island Shell Mound
3 things she can ramble about: good health, Queen Elizabeth I, the sound a tree makes in the woods when no one is around

Words and gifs by Emily Jane Murray, FPAN Staff

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