Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's Halloween time and I know the hot costume this year will be archaeologist! But instead of leather fedoras and bull whips, let's take a look at the most important archaeological accessories you should be sporting!

Your average archaeologist on a day in the field!
1. Hat
 There's nothing more important than keeping cool and looking cool. A hat is a must, especially for Florida archaeologists. The options are endless: a simple baseball cap, a bold straw hat, a sensible bucket hat or even a classic pith helmet!

Great hat: keeps the sun off your face and out of your eyes.
2. Boots
Proper foot attire can make or break a day in the field. Sometimes you need some steel toes, sometimes some with light treads and sometimes some with excellent ankle support. Either way, strap 'em on and get ready for a great Halloween!

Brown is always a very fashionable boot color choice.
3. Digging tool
You can't excavate without the proper implement! Are you going for some light phase one surveying? Grab a shovel! Although it might be a little easier to haul around a pointed trowel for your evening festivities.

Dr. Kathleen Deagen's trowel, as featured in Archaeology Magazine.

4. Notebook or Clipboard
The most important tools for any archaeologist are a pencil and some paper. Does your important field supervisor look require a clipboard? Or maybe just an introspective site surveyor with a small notepad? You can use it to take notes for future costume ideas.

Folding clipboards allow you to stash a pencil as well as other important documents.
5. Glass
Archaeologists need to hydrate morning, noon and night: coffee, water and beer! Cheers!

Mugs - the all purpose drinking vessel, especially when archaeologically themed!
Happy Halloween from FPAN!!
Some of our costumes from last year - Abo Polychrome, St. Johns Check-Stamped, a site and a skeleton!

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