Thursday, May 21, 2015

Meet our latest education and outreach tool: the “Village Trade” card game!

Custom box by our intern Tanis! 

When I tell people that FPAN’s core mission is to conduct education and outreach, it always leads to more questions.—“Who do you educate, how old are your students, how do you communicate archaeology to the public?” 

My answer always varies, but it ends up something like this:

“Well, we work with all age groups, from age 5 to 105. And we focus on state and local parks, K-12 schools, and museums; basically anywhere that has a vested interest in history, cultural resources, and preservation is a good venue for FPAN programming. Our organization delivers workshops, lectures, activities, and pretty much anything else we can do to pass on our mission of heritage preservation.”

Therefore, I’m happy that we have this trading card game as our newest medium for teaching about archaeology and Florida Prehistory.

Each player receives a board like this one, to keep track of their products and materials

The object of the game is to trade and collect natural resources such as palm fronds, shells, bones, lumber, and then use them to create tools and structures of Florida’s past. In addition you’ll need to create one “special item” before your opponents do.

Of course in Florida, you'd want to build a mound! 

Special Items include ear spools and pendants! 

 For example, it would take 1 wood, 1 palm frond, and 1 shell to create a shell hammer. But, to earn the coveted ear spools, you would need to get your hands on 1 wood, 1 bone, and 1 piece of (rare) copper. The first player to construct their village, forge their tools, and obtain an exotic piece of jewelry wins the game!

Bones, Wood, and Shells, oh my! 

“Village Trade” will be coming to a school, library, and museum near you!!

Text and Images, Ryan Harke. Full credit to Tanis Montgomery for illustrations and graphic design of cards and game box. 

2 Responses so far.

  1. I am a homeschool educator. I would love to add this to our historical resources. Are they for sale somewhere? If not yet, will they be?

  2. We are working on figuring out how/where we can distribute them! We'll post the information when we do. Thanks for your interest.

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