Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Visit a Florida Archaeology Month Site

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Seminole Rest is one of the sites that we are highlighting for Florida Archaeology Month. The theme this year is "Artisans of the Woodland." The Woodland Period in Florida persisted from about 3,000 years ago to about 1,000 years ago. Regional Native American cultures during this time period were engaging in different lifeways, trading with each other quite a bit, and building mound complexes that were the site of fairly intensive habitation, such as at Crystal River.

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Seminole Rest around time of Civil War

In the East Central Region we have a great site that you can visit that was occupied during the Woodland Period: Seminole Rest is managed as part of the Canaveral National Seashore and offers visitors a chance to stroll around a mound site that was later a historic occupation site. In fact, habitation at the site goes back to about 2,000 BC. It was occupied up until at least 1500 AD when the Spanish arrived. It was later largely settled after the Civil War and grew into what is today Oak Hill. Once they started occupying it, humans just didn't want to give up on this piece of land.

Aerial of Seminole Rest showing the three historic structures on the site.

Below we have a few pics to entice you out. While you're there don't forget to explore the rest of the Canaveral National Seashore and Mosquito Lagoon!

This is a sign telling you where you are.

Beautiful, easy trails to get around the site.

Looking at Seminole Rest from the lagoon.

The Instone House at Seminole Rest, atop one of the mounds.
Text: Kevin Gidusko

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