Monday, October 2, 2017

It's that time of year again. Pumpkin spice abounds, stores have racks of costumes out and for some reason, people up north are pulling out their sweaters. That's right: October is here and it's time for the Cemetery Dash!

We challenge you to get out to your local historic cemeteries to check on them. How do they look after Hurricane Irma? How do they look compared to last year? Join us on a dash to see how many cemeteries we can monitor during the month of October!

Step One: Become a Scout! Click here for the online application.

Step Two: Find a site. You can use our handy Florida Historic Cemeteries and Sea Level Rise map.

Step Three: Fill out the monitoring form. Click here for the online version and here for a printable format.

Step Four: Snap off some photos of each cemetery and send them to with the name of the site included.

Step Five: Repeat!!

For more information on the Cemetery Dash, check out last year's blog post. For more information on HMS Florida, please visit our website.

Text and images by Emily Jane Murray, FPAN Staff.

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