Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dendritic mocha sherd at Clay County Archives (thanks Claude!).

Must have for Mocha maniacs!
It's no secret around here that my favorite historic ceramics are mochawares.  Don't worry yourself getting me Mocha and Related Dipped Wares  for my birthday, I already have it--a stunning book.  It's not only my favorite ware, but the sherd above features my most favorite variation, dendritic decoration.  The potter would plop a drop of ink on the surface that would automatically fan out in that tree like pattern.  For this week's WIIW, what are the two ingredients in the ink that helps the fanning along?  I'm looking for the two CRINGE inducing ingredients.

No prize I can offer this round, but I will address you as Master of the Mochas for the 2012 calendar year;)

Random Google image search lead me to these lovelies...variations of Mocha.

Answers from last week's WIIW:  1. San Agustin (D) 2.  Abo Polychrome (C) 3.  Santa Domingo (B) 4.  Aucilla Polychrome (A).  Congratulations William Pier and Debby Westerman!  Send your address to to collect your "I Dig 1565" bumper sticker!

Text and Photo: Sarah Miller, FPAN staff

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