HMS Florida Arches Launch!

Thank you for your interest in learning how to be a part of HMS Florida. The program is growing and evolving, and as past of that growth, some of the information on this blog is now out of date. Largely, we have moved completely over to the HMS Florida Arches Database for all scout applications and monitoring form submission. The Arches Database is an interactive, map-based website where scouts and land managers can view cultural resources across Florida, log scout reports for monitoring visits and more. Check it out at We are working to create new instructional blogs and will include a link to them here when they are ready. Thanks for your understanding. -FPAN Staff

Two years in the making and we're finally here: the launch of the Arches system for the Heritage Monitoring Scouts program! Click here to access the new database and get started.

Below is some general overview information about the new system. For a comprehensive list of how-to instructions, click here.

Scouts will need to create an account in the Arches system. You should receive an email with a link to activate the account, which will also include your username. Generally, it will be first initial, middle initial, and last name, though some accounts may have numbers behind them if there are more than one ejmurrays, for instance. We encourage scouts to complete the additional information form after clicking the activation link. If you don't select a region, we won't be able to add sites to your account!

The database allows scouts to more easily find resources to monitor through its map-based interface. Any scout can browse historic cemeteries and historic structures from certain historic districts across the state. However, due to the sensitive nature of archaeological site information, archaeological sites have to be added by administrators to individual accounts. The other big difference is that scout reports and photos are now all in one place. You can even see past reports and photos.

A big thing to know: the Arches system is only supported in Google Chrome's web browser. Some of the features will not work in other browsers - even simple things like scrolling to the bottom of pages.

We foresee some transition time as we migrate to the new system. Which means the beta form will not be going away! Feel free to keep logging your visits into the old system and send those photos in via email. As we move over, there will be redundancies, questions and (hopefully at a minimum) confusion. Please don't hesitant to send any questions to your local FPAN staff, or to We also appreciated your patience with us during this time as we learn all the intricacies of the new system and work out any last bugs!

We encourage scouts to attend a training or monitoring meet up to learn more about how to use Arches. Keep your eyes open for an event near you!