Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last weekend we pulled off the second Archaeology Roadshow at Jacksonville's Museum of Science and History.  In keeping with professional and museum ethics, the event featured panelists from multiple sciences and no monetary amounts were given to any attendees by the panelists.  Visitors to the  museum could take an unidentified object and get an archaeologist (people), paleontologist (fossils), or malacologist (shells) to examine the piece and provide some information.  From the archaeological point of view, the event affords us the chance to find out local sites.  Toni, our Site ID team leader, is always willing to follow up and record reported sites to the Florida Master Site File.

I could not have pulled off the day (134 objects in 120 minutes!) for the archaeology table without the help of Dr. Brad Biglow and Jennifer Knutson, so thanks again for volunteering your time!

There were more than a few objects that "stumped the chumps" and in following up with pictures and promises to find out more, I've stumbled upon some that are new to me or provided information that will serve me on a future dig.

First up, a vase I nearly knocked over while taking this photo (see below).  I've done a little digging and think I have an answer for the person who brought the object forward.  But for fun let's send it on a WIIW tour! 


Let me know technique and any other diagnostic information that could help us narrow down an answer to who made it and when.  Diagnostic information = I Dig 1565 bumpersticker!

Last week's answer: a doublet button!  Button was recovered from Carl's dig at the Spanish Quarter and may date to the 16th century.  From today's St. Augustine Record article:  

"The men's doublet button is clearly from the period of 1590 to 1620," he said. "While people might carry around an old coin for years past its mint date, fashion doesn't tend to lie. In those days, clothes just didn't last very long, so what you wore was never very old."

Closest guess was made on Facebook by Debby Westerman, contact me and we'll mail you out your bumpersticker!

Text and Photos: Sarah Miller, FPAN staff

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