Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cemetery Log Date: May 7, 2013

Espanola Cemetery is located northwest of Bunnell in a rural area.  We first came across Espanola when scouting for CRPT locations in the winter of 2011.  We held the first CRPT in Flagler County in January 2012 in partnership with the Flagler County Historical Society, many of them attending.  Flagler County has the distinction in my region of having the fewest historic cemeteries recorded within my region on the Florida Master Site File.  We held our workshop there in hopes of correcting this recording error.  There must be more historic cemeteries there, perhaps located on private land.

Espanola was special because it was the first CRPT where a number of participants were descendants of those buried within, and many planned to take up residence in what we hope is a far and distant future.

Professional archaeology intersects with public over this vernacular headstone...fav CRPT pic ever!

Who: Managed by non-profit Espanola Cemetery Association, Inc.
What: Large active cemetery featuring family plots and old headstones scattered throughout
Where: Off Old Dixie Highway, approaching Bunnell from the North Link to Google Map
When:  Open dusk till dawn 365 days a year
  •  Established in 1875
  • Unique vernacular headstones, made of concrete and coquina
  • Many turn of the century historical figures of Flagler's past are buried here

For more information:
Flagler County Families
Destination: Civil War (FPAN)
Examiner: Photos at Old City Cemetery

Text and images: Sarah Miller, FPAN staff

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