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A Look At Lincolnville

Looking for a way to kick off Black History Month?  Look no further than a visit to The Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center  in St. Augustine, FL.   I knew that St. Augustine had a rich African American heritage but I didn't realize how deep it went.   This is a history that begins in 1565 with  black crew members accompanying Spanish conquistador Pedro Menendez and spans to St. Augustine's pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement.

The museum is small but mighty!  It starts with the history of Lincolnville which began as colonial plantations and orange groves (and Indian villages before that!)  In 1866 a settlement was established for recently emancipated slaves.  Former citrus groves were divided into lots and leased for as little as $1.00 / year.  Initially called "Little Africa", it later took on the name Lincolnville in honor of President Abraham Lincoln after his assassination. 

The "crusaders room" highlights the lives of some of St. Augustine…

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