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Cemetery Log Date: May 12, 2013

Photo Credit: Historic Cemeteries

St. Peters Cemetery was the location of our CRPT class one year ago in Fernandina Beach.  The Cemetery is located behind the St. Peter's Episcopal Church between 9th and 8th street just north of Atlantic Blvd.  The Church keeps records on those interred, including cause of death.  Thanks to the Nassau County, Florida Geneology and History for posting the following: 

Church records show a variety of causes of death: yellow fever, catarrh (sic) of stomach, consumption, phthisis, neuralgia of the heart, congestion of the brain, killed by a train, bitten by a shark and bled to death, shot, drowned. Young Willie Jeffreys died after being attacked by a bear from a traveling circus while attending school in Gainesville. His body was returned to Fernandina for burial.

Who: Episcopal Diocese
What: Dense terraced rows of burials with low walls containing a variety of markers and monuments
Where:  801 Atlantic Blvd, Fernandina Beach  Link to Google map
When:  Open dawn to dusk 365 days a year
  • 19th Century burial ground with numerous artistic headstones and monuments
  • Harry Solomon's grave, started shrimping industry in Fernandina Beach
  • Major George Fairbanks, manager and editor of the "Florida Mirror"
  • James Tucker, blockade runner in the Civil War
More stunning images by Historic Cemeteries of St. Peter's to lure you up to Fernandina:

Photos by FPAN staff, before and after cleaning during CRPT:

For more:
St. Peter's Official Webpage
Nassau County, Florida History and Genealogy: St. Peter's Episcopal Cemetery

Text: Sarah Miller, FPAN staff.  Images: First four images by  Historic Cemeteries (Mary Homick), used with permission. Last three images FPAN staff.

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