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Cemetery Log Date: May10, 2014

Geneva Cemetery is an excellent example of a county cemetery with a variety of monuments dating back to the 19th century.  Established in 1880, it stands at the end of a long dirt road and is home to the remains of Geneva's military heroes and its founding families. 

But Geneva Cemetery's claim to fame (or infamy, depending upon which side you were on) is that it is the resting place of Lewis Thornton Powell (aka: Lewis Paine). 

Powell in wrist irons aboard the monitor USS Saugus

Powell was one of four men who were hanged for their roles in an Abraham Lincoln assassination conspiracy. He started off as a devoted Confederate Soldier who was wounded in the Battle of Gettysburg. After escaping from a Union hospital, Powell met John Wilkes Booth and a plan was hatched to assassinate the president. Powell was assigned to kill Secretary of State William Seward but his attempt failed.  At the age of 21,  Powell was found guilty and hanged. He was originally buried at the execution site but later is body was moved to Geneva. Apparently, there are a lot of Lincoln conspiracy buffs who travel across the country to see Powell's grave.


WHO: The cemetery is owned by the Geneva Community Cemetery Trustees
WHAT: Excellent example of county cemetery containing a variety of historical graves
WHERE: 240 1st Street, Geneva, FL 32732 (Take C.R. #46 east 10.0 miles to Geneva. Turn left/north on 1st Street.2 miles to Cemetery Rd. Turn right on Cemetery Rd. .4miles and road dead ends into the cemetery)
•Contains 17 U.S Civil War Soldier burials (15 served in the Confederacy, 2 served in the Union)
•Resting place of Lincoln assassination conspirator

Text: Robbie Boggs, FPAN Staff
Images: Powell photo by Alexander Gardner, remaining were submitted to Find a Grave

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  1. Chris K. says:

    It is just his head that is buried there. In the early 1990's, his skull was discovered in the Smithsonian, so it was decided to bury it next to his mother's grave in Geneva Cemetery. His father is buried at an unknown location in Orange County.

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