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Cemetery Log Date: May 5, 2014

The National Register nomination for Hibernia cemetery lists it as locally significant as a racially-mixed plantation cemetery, and significant on the state level for its participants in the Second Semonole Inadian War and Civil War.

Hibernia Cemetery adjacent to St. Margaret's Episcopal Church (Wayside).

Also known as St. Margaret's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Hibernia Cemetery contains approximately 200 graves with the earliest inscription dating to 1821.  Today approximately 90 graves remain standing.  A visitor may see 70 or so wooden crosses, those were more recently placed on previously unidentified graves.  According to the Florida Master Site Form, the cemetery was established for the Fleming family and their slaves after George Fleming received a Spanish Land Grant.  His grave is the earliest marker in the cemetery, 1821. 

Who: Privately owned by St. Margaret's Episcopal Church

What: Early to mid 19th-century plantation and military burials next to historic Carpenter Gothic church

Where: 6874 Old Church Road, Green Cove Springs parallel to the St. Johns River.   Map

When: Open daily

  • Margaret Seton Fleming, Col. Lewis Fleming, Frederic Fleming (Florida state legislator), and veterans of the Seminole and Civil War.  
  • The cemetery is mentioned in a novel by Eugenia Price (Margaret's Story) and Margaret Seton Fleming Biddle's book The Unreturning Tide.    
  • William Henry Fleming was instrumental in the destruction of the Maple Leaf, a Union troop transport during the Civil War.  
  • Talbird family marker with Doric columns and decorate stone.      
  • Cemetery predates the church by 70-80 years.  
  • Sophia Fatio, member of the prominent Fatio family in St. Augustine and New Switzerland
  •  George Fleming's death in 1821 is the earliest known burial in the cemetery but there were slaves buried earlier and may be buried outside the present cemetery limits.

Line drawing of St. Margaret's Church (Stephen Olausen and Robert Bennett 1992)
Early Fleming family headstones in Hibernia.

George Fleming married Sophia Fatio, related to Switzerland founder and later St. Augustine prominent figures (James Albro).

 Mother Margaret named church in honor of her daughter who preceded her in death.  The elder Margaret died a year later and was the first funeral to be held in the church.  (Susan)

 William Fleming was instrumental in the destruction of the Maple Leaf during the Civil War.

For more information:
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Text by Sarah Miller, FPAN staff

1. Cemetery and church view Waymarking, 2. Line drawing of church from "Cultural Resources Survey, Clay County, Florida" Historic Property Associates, Inc.   1992. 3. Early Fleming headstones David Johnson 4. Margaret Fleming headstone Susan on Find A Grave, 5. Fleming/Fatio stone James Albro on Find a Grave , Henry Talbird Stonewall and Susan on Find A Grave , William Fleming grave  Susan on Find a Grave

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