Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cemetery Log Date: May 14, 2014

Arguably the most famous headstone in America..."I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK"

The Historic Key West Cemetery is located in the heart of Key West in the Florida Keys.  Over 100,000 people buried in the 19 acres outnumbers the current population by a factor of 3!  Established after the 1846 hurricane, the first burials date to 1847.  There is no end to the pictures and videos posted about this site, but worth checking out is the PBS special A Cemetery Special.

We were lucky enough to partner with the Historic Florida Keys Foundation and the cemetery to offer a Cemetery Resource Protection Training (CRPT) class downtown and in the cemetery June 20th in 2013.  I remember the date because it was the day before my birthday- I couldn't have asked for a better present! Thanks to Diane Silva and FPAN Southeast staff Michele Williams and Sarah Nohe for helping coordinate and taking part in the day.

Who: Owned by the city of Key West with preservation services provided by Historic Florida Keys Foundation

What: Mid 19th century to present city of the dead

Where: 701 Passover Lane, Key West, Florida 33040.  Map

When: Open Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4 pm


    • Literally a city of the dead with over 100,000 internments
    • Highest natural elevation point in Key West
    • Parcels divided by cultural sections
    •  Los Martires de Cuba memorial for those who fought in the 1868 Cuban revolution
    • USS Maine plot dedicated in 1900, 19 initial survivors sent to Key West hospitals are buried here, the majority of the crew were initially buried in Cuba but re-interred in Arlington.
    • Numerous one of a kind markers and multitude of family plots

     Diane Silva takes us on a tour, can also download map here.

     One of a kind Wedding Cake marker.

    Mother daughter stone, heads molded and pre-cast for repair in case of future damage.

    Close up of the mother's angel figure.

    How to overcome the fear of being buried in the ground, casket raised and encased in cement.

    CRPT class- stone on left untreated, stone on right treated regularly with D2 solution.

    Battleship Maine memorial plot.

    Jewish section of the cemetery, note all the stones left in remembrance.

    Another view of Jewish section with all the remembrance stones.  Layout strikingly different too.

    For more information:

    Text and images: Sarah Miller, FPAN staff

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