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Cemetery Log Date: May 22, 2014

Last year's CaDiM left us pondering how to protect cemeteries by visiting them; this year, we wanted to draw your attention to the Florida Master Site File (FMSF).

Toni gathering some information for the FMSF form for Welaka-Georgetown.
The FMSF is an inventory of all know cultural resources in the state of Florida, on private and public lands alike. Archaeological sites, historic structures and historic cemeteries are all included. Each site is given a specific identifying number and information like exact location, type of site, history of the site and other research is included.

Why is it important to get onto the list? The list is meant to help with long-term planning of construction, conservation or other similar projects. For instance, if a new highway is to be built, planners could start with looking at the project area and determine to place the road out of the way of important cultural resources from day one. Once a big project like this has started, if builders stumble upon a resource, it's harder to change plans to not impact the site.

While many local cemetery inventory projects have happened by historical and genealogical societies, this information does not always make it into the FMSF. With some of our ongoing programming about cemeteries, we've tried to raise awareness and get people working on adding cemeteries to the FMSF.

These cemeteries from our blog this year are not currently listed: Hilliard Community, Kingsley slave era cemetery, Norwalk, Garden of Heavenly Rest, Albritton, Welaka-Georgetown

The Welaka-Georgetown Cemetery started as the Ridgewood Cemetery in 1917. The cemetery served the small community, from which it received its namesake. It is the final resting place for several members of the Rogers family, associated with Margarie Kinnon Rawlings novels. It is still in use today.

Who: Cemetery association

What: 20th century African-American cemetery still serving the community today

Where: 174 Beecher Springs Road - Take CR 308-B east out of Welaka to Beechers Springs Road.  Turn right & travel .6 miles to cemetery

When: Open daily, from dawn to dusk

  • Wonderful venacular headstones including poured cement
  • Literary ties through the Rogers family members to Majorie Kinnan Rawlings
  • Peaceful "Old Florida" feel featuring rolling sand dunes, large oaks and pine

Check out a listing of the graves here.

Text and images by Emily Jane Murray and Toni Wallace, FPAN Staff.

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